Honors Program

The Florida College Honors Program provides opportunities for high-achieving students to grow in their education through academics and service as soon as they set foot on campus.

Go the Extra Mile

Honors program students will participate in in-depth critical thinking and research studies, intentional service and community engagement projects, and summer internships and development opportunities—all of which occur alongside a cohort of like-minded peers with similar aspirations and goals.

When you are accepted into the honors program, you will be prepared to succeed academically, while learning from one another in order to serve more efficiently in the Kingdom.

Why Join the Florida College Honors Program?

$1,000 scholarship for each semester

No additional tuition charges for honors hour courses

Building of academic portfolio

Direction on summer internship

Guidance on major scholarships (Fulbright, Marshall, etc.)

Service leadership opportunities

Collegial bond with honors students and professors

Criteria for Admissions:

Students may fill out a Florida College application for the honors program as early as the first semester of freshman year, or as late as junior year.

  • A cumulative 3.5 GPA on at least 14 academic hours at Florida College (either completed or in progress)
  • A cover letter explaining the student’s academic interests, extracurricular activities, and specific goals
  • A 1- to 2-page essay explaining the student’s perspective on education relating to a life of service and faith
  • Two letters of recommendation from a Florida College professor
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The Honors Program has given me extensive opportunities to pursue an academic challenge in my field of study in elementary education. While in my everyday classes, I learn teaching methods and educational theory. In my honors work I get to extend my learning by investigating complex, interdisciplinary concepts through inquiry-based research projects.

-Macy Palmer

I’m planning on going to grad school to get my MBA after I finish at Florida College. The Honors Program has helped me learn how to research, compile data, and present it in an understandable fashion. It’s also a great résumé builder and a great way to showcase your gifts.

-Seth Kemple

The Honors Program and the professors involved have pushed me to figure out how my degree can connect with many other fields of study. They also pushed me to understand why I’m interested in marketing, exploring what section of that field I would most enjoy working in when I graduate.

-Paige Kercheville