All owners are required to register motor vehicles (automobiles, motorcycles, scooters, etc.) with the Dean of Students office. Students who obtain a vehicle during a semester must register it immediately.

Every registered vehicle must have a decal in the bottom right hand corner of the rear view windshield.

Registration Fee

  • Resident Student: $350 yearly ($175/semester)
  • Non-Resident: $200 yearly ($100/semester)

Proof of liability insurance and a valid driver’s license are required at the time the vehicle is registered.

Register Your Vehicle

Visitor and Vendor Parking Information

All guests and vendors should check-in with the Dean of Students office upon arrival on campus. Visitors who need to park a vehicle on campus overnight must obtain a temporary permit from the dean of students office.

Parking on Campus

MAIN PARKING LOTS (On-campus students)

Each vehicle of a resident student must be parked in their assigned lot on the main campus.

  • Lot A
  • Lot B
  • Lot C
  • Lot D

COMMUTER LOTS (Non-resident students)

Each vehicle of a commuter student must be parked in one of the commuter option lots.

  • Education Building
  • Office of Advancement

Frequently Asked Questions