Florida College recognizes and values our students with specific needs, including students with disabilities. The college does not discriminate against students with disabilities and endeavors to keep its policies and programs in compliance with appropriate federal and state laws.

If you are a prospective student with specific needs, Florida College welcomes you. As a Christian college, the faculty and administration work together to extend educational and spiritual opportunities to all students, regardless of circumstances, and we encourage you to join with us in this effort.


Florida College offers various accommodations to all students who qualify as specific-needs students. Accommodations are adjustments to a student’s academic routine specifically intended to offset physical differences or other circumstances that limit substantively that student’s ability to succeed academically.

Examples of Accommodations:

  • Extra time on exams
  • Taking exams in a quiet location
  • Recording lectures
  • Printed lecture notes or note-takers (scribes)
  • Designated parking areas

The granting and management of student accommodations are the responsibility of the Florida College academic advising office. The college’s legal obligation is to provide reasonable accommodations as defined by applicable federal and state laws. It is the college’s responsibility to determine to the best of its ability what accommodations are reasonable.


Students with specific needs are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Florida College respects the confidential nature of the student’s medical information. Access to information provided is used by our personnel on a need-to-know basis and for ongoing support of your accommodations. Information provided to faculty for accommodation purposes will state only approved academic accommodations.

Applying for Accommodations

Begin Before College

The student must complete a Voluntary Declaration of Disability Form and submit all required supporting documentation by the Friday during orientation week.

Personalized Guidance

Once the applicant’s paperwork is received, the academic advising office will review the submission and make a ruling on whether to award accommodations.

Support Your Success

The student must schedule a meeting with the academic advising office to review how accommodations will be used. Letters of accommodations will be distributed immediately following the drop/add date. For incoming students, this meeting must be scheduled to occur immediately upon the student’s arrival on campus. For current students receiving accommodations for the first time, this meeting must occur as soon as possible after the student receives the letter of accommodation.

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