At Florida College, we are committed to preparing students for better service to God and the world. Giving ensures that students receive the financial support they need to complete their degree at Florida College.

When you adopt a student, you are investing in a brighter future.

Adopt a Student

How Your Adoption Works

Choose a Student to Adopt

Adopt parents are matched with a current student(s) at Florida College.

Make a Gift

Your sponsorship gift is combined with other donations to invest in a student’s success at Florida College.

Annual Updates

You will receive letters throughout the year from your Adopt student giving you updates on their Florida College experience.

Personal Connection

Each year, Adopt parents are invited to attend a reception during the week of our annual Lectures series. At the reception, students and parents are given the opportunity to connect and form a deeper relationship.

My parents always told me, ‘Knowing who and what you stand for, limits what you fall for.’ I never quite understood it until I came to FC. I was trained and equipped in education. I became passionate about seeing children fulfill their kingdom destiny and educating them in the love and admonition of the Lord. FC taught me to stand wherever I was, even if I was standing alone.

-Ana Salvatierra

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, 2022