The Academic Advising Center equips students for real-world success. Members of the academic advising team help students with everything from scheduling a semester to personalized planning for graduate school and the workforce. Mentors provide advice to students from a faith-filled perspective. The Academic Advising Center also offers additional services, such as supplemental instruction and academic labs, to help all students reach their full potential during their time at Florida College.

Our Goals for Your Education

Begin Before College

We begin planning your academic path to a successful career before you even step foot on our campus. We will spend time getting to know your interests, goals, and desires for your college experience.

Personalized Guidance

Based on your selection for a degree path, we have trained staff to educate you on the courses and career path you will take at Florida College.

Support Your Success

We will spend time with you to ensure you meet the requirements for your desired department and bachelor’s degree. We will help you identify your strengths, helping you gain confidence in your academic future and choices.

The Centralized Advising Team

Florida College uses a shared advising model. Students will start their four-year journey with a specialized program advisor and will focus on excellence on pre-requites leading up to transitioning to a faculty advisor. Once students have declared a major, the student will be transitioned to the faculty chair of their declared program.

Get Peer Support

Peer Support Services combine academic instruction and relatability. Peer mentors who excel academically work to teach underclassmen how to study and understand challenging concepts in an interactive way. Peer Support Services include supplemental instructors, academic labs, and personal tutors.

Supplemental Instructors (SI)

Supplemental Instructors provide specific lower-division sessions to individual classes. SIs attend class with his or her peers to build relationships while also teaching students the skill of studying effectively. During these sessions, students work in group settings through discussions, friendly competitions, and quizzes.

Academic Labs

Academic Labs are groups of students who are effective in writing, communication, and math departments. They provide one-on-one mentoring throughout the week for students with projects and assignments across disciplines. Many Florida College faculty members provide extra credit to students who attend these sessions.

Personal Tutors

Personal Tutors are for-hire students trained in specific subjects. They offer individual sessions for specific students with additional needs in a class. Tutors build an encouraging environment for academic progress throughout the semester.

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