Join Us for the Florida College Lectures

Our annual lectures offer our alumni, students, and friends of the college an opportunity to sit at the feet of some wonderful students of the gospel. This week is a wonderful time to reconnect with friends and classmates and support Florida College.

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A Life Worthy Of The Gospel

Feb. 6-9, 2023

Early registration is now closed. If you would like to attend, you may register upon arrival.

New This Year-“Great Books” Class Led by Professor Shane Scott

During Lectures, you have the chance to sit in on Shane Scott’s Great Books class. Watch this video for special information about the content for the week. Spots are limited to 20 guests.

Lectures Schedule

Day Lectures

8 AM (Hutchinson Auditorium) Think on These Things: An Attitude that is Worthy of the Gospel
Collin Stringer
Consider Others as More Important: Humility that is Worthy of the Gospel
Jonathan Brown
Rejoice in the Lord Always: Joy that is Worthy of the Gospel
Daniel Broadwell
9 AM (Hutchinson Auditorium) Not the Word of Men, but the Word of God: Preaching that is Worthy of the Gospel
Mark Reeves
Standing Firm in One Spirit with One Mind: Unity that is Worthy of the Gospel
Phillip Martin
The Peace of God that Surpasses Understanding: Contentment that is Worthy of the Gospel
Travis Walker
9 AM Teen Session (Puckett Auditorium) The Joy of Christianity Series
Phil Robertson
The Joy of Christianity Series
Phil Robertson
The Joy of Christianity Series
Phil Robertson
10 AM (Hutchinson Auditorium) Pray without Ceasing: Prayer that is Worthy of the Gospel
Trevor Brailey
Taught by God to Love One Another: Relationships that are Worthy of the Gospel
Adam Shanks
Relief to You who are Afflicted: Comfort that is Worthy of the Gospel
Jared Hagan
10 AM Serving Others (Puckett Auditorium) Foreign Evangelism
Allen Malone
Adoption: Honorable Things…In Honorable Ways
David + Dana Carrozza
“My Years in Preaching”
Bob Owen + Melvin Curry
11 AM (Hutchinson Auditorium) To Walk and Please God in a Way Worthy of the Gospel
Benjamin Lee
Admonish Him as a Brother: Correction that is Worthy of the Gospel
Joe Works
Not Grieve as Others: Hope that is Worthy of the Gospel
Shane Scott
11 AM Ladies Only (Puckett Auditorium) Work-Life Balance vs. Spirit-Led Life: A Manner of Life Worthy of the Gospel
Alyssa Johnson
Together Building God’s Most Luminous Temple: A Nomad’s Encouraging Observation of 100 Churches of Christ
Cindy Dunagan
Do Not Be Deceived: Ancient Lies Told to Modern Christians
Rebecca Murrell
1 PM (Hutchinson Auditorium) “Gentle as a Nurse”: The Rhetorical and Conceptual Background of 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12
Dr. Will Dillbeck
The Binding of Isaac in the Letter to Galatia
Dr. Jared Saltz
Should Christians Pray to Jesus?
Dr. Nathan Ward
1:50 PM (Hutchinson Auditorium) Powers of the Unseen World (Eph. 6:12)
Dr. Ray Madrigal
How to Acquire One’s Own Vessel? The Most Difficult Verse in First Thessalonians
Dr. Tom Hamilton
David Edwin Harrell Jr. and Evangelism in India
Dr. John Weaver

Evening Lectures at Conn Gymnasium

7 PM Singing Singing Singing
7:30 PM Only Live Worthy of the Gospel: The Priority of the Gospel
Todd Chandler
Our Citizenship is in Heaven: The Distinctiveness of the Gospel
Terry Francis
Excel Still More: The Fullness of the Gospel
Andy Cantrell

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