At Florida College, we foster an experience for our students, faculty, and staff which includes:

A higher education with a biblical perspective

We integrate the Bible as the inspired word of God into the total college experience, while employing a qualified, caring faculty of Christians.

A unique environment for personal godly development

We teach and exemplify biblical principles of behavior in order to encourage spiritual growth and healthy living by providing a structured environment to promote godly behavior.

The opportunity for students to live in better service to their Creator and humanity

We encourage students to love and serve the Lord by providing opportunities for students to develop the social skills and cultural knowledge necessary for competent citizenship and ethical, caring relationships.

Current Positions

Working at Florida College at this stage of my life is providential. I love the campus, its faculty, staff, and students. I believe in its mission statement. I cannot imagine a greater blessing than working with and serving so many brothers and sisters of like precious faith and striving toward the same eternal reward. It is truly a unique environment and I pray we never take it for granted.

-Tom Garland


We are a small school that fosters an environment where I regularly interact with my colleagues from other departments. The idea of a liberal arts education isn’t reserved just for the students because we as faculty get our own liberal arts experience, unlike most academic settings.

-Dr. Andrew Stafford

Professor of Biology

Florida College provides a unique, Christ-centered environment that affords a sense of peace that can hardly be found working in corporate. Yes, this can be found within one’s own being but, to have that surround you on a daily basis enhances the life experience of walking in service.

-Dorsity Cole

Business Office