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Travel the world with fellow falcons by learning, exploring, and experiencing cultures like never before. Students, alumni, and friends of the college are invited to join in on tours led by experienced professors from the college.

London 2023

Trip Dates: May 11-19, 2023

Dr. Matt Johnson plans to lead a study tour to London, and focus on the world of theatre–including the fabled West End of London, Shakespeare’s immortal Globe Theatre, as well as visiting the Warner Brothers Studio to examine the more recent “immortal” known as “Harry Potter.”

From the river Thames, to Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the lurking Tower of London, Dr. Johnson plans to survey the full scope of London’s neighborhoods–and, within a planned nine-day tour, expand the traveler’s experience with a side journey to Windsor Castle. Information on registration for this study tour will be forthcoming over the course of the next few weeks.

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Charlemagne and Napoleon Bonaparte 2024

Trip Dates: May 5-17 2024

Dr. Brian Lewis Crispell is planning a tour route highlighting the extraordinary political and military careers of Charlemagne and Napoleon Bonaparte. Though separated by 800 years, these two remarkable characters traversed similar paths: the greatest figure of the Carolingian era is figured as the “Father of Europe,” while Bonaparte sought to emulate Charlemagne’s towering achievements, while extending the republican ideals of France. Tour highlights will include Vienna, Milan, Paris, Prague, and Brussels.

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Galapagos Islands 2024

Trip Dates: June 3-11, 2024

Professor Todd Chandler is leading a study tour to the region of the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of South America. Professor Chandler’s passion for the natural world, and his excellence in explaining how biology is instructed by the mind of God, are well known among legions of students who have benefited from his work extending more than a decade at this place. His tour will be the first of the College’s study tours to have its focus in Latin America.

Explorica’s professional guide will lead the travel and provide information on the sites we visit, and Professor Chandler will lead discussions related to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Darwin’s ideas have had a profound impact on nearly all facts of intellectual thought, and a visit to the islands is rich for their place in the history of academic thinking and their biological features. It will be a time of rich learning of science, history, and faith.

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