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Admissions Qualifications


For unconditional admission, the applicant who will enter Florida College as the graduate of an accredited high school must meet the following minimal academic requirements:

  • Complete at least 16 high school academic units, including:
    • Four units in English (with courses including substantial study of grammar, composition, or literature)
    • Two units in social sciences (e.g., American, World, or State History, Civics, Geography)
    • Three units in mathematics (e.g., Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, or higher level courses)
    • Two units in college preparatory natural sciences (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space, or other natural sciences)
    • Additional academic units may include such courses as Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Humanities, and foreign languages
  • Graduate with at least a 2.0 grade point average (on a four-point scale)
  • Provide standardized test scores (ACT, CLT, or SAT) required for appropriate course placement (as explained in the course placement section below). More information on how to send scores can be found on our Apply page. The following scores are accepted:
    • Florida College accepts the standard ACT and SAT tests. If you choose to take the writing portion for your own purposes, your score for this section will not be evaluated by Florida College or included to determine your composite score for academic scholarships or course placement. We will only evaluate the critical reading and the math scores of this exam.

For unconditional admission, the applicant who will enter Florida College must be at least 17 years old by the first day of class.

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A student who meets the age and character requirements but has not fulfilled all of the academic requirements for unconditional admission may be admitted conditionally, if he or she meets the following requirements:

  • Has graduated either from an accredited high school or a homeschool program
  • Has a minimum 2.0 high school grade point average
  • Has earned at least 14 units from among the high school academic core required for unconditional admission, including Algebra I and at least three years of English.

The student admitted conditionally may remove the condition before enrolling in Florida College by completing high school or college courses in the subject areas of the deficiencies. Otherwise, the student must begin during the first semester of enrollment to remove deficiencies by completing Florida College courses in those subject areas. One semester of college work completed successfully (with a grade of C or better) will substitute for one academic credit of high school study in the same subject area.


  • The conditionally admitted student:
    • will complete an academic college success program.
    • is not eligible to receive an academic scholarship until all of the conditions have been met.
    • must participate in a mentoring program through the advising office, consisting of weekly advising sessions through the first semester. Failure to complete this requirement will result in the student being placed on academic probation.
    • is required to attend supplemental instruction and tutoring labs as specified.


For those applying on the basis of a GED diploma:

Prospective students requesting to be admitted on the basis of the completion of their GED should complete steps one through three under the heading “Apply Now” above. In addition, they must submit an official copy of a GED score report indicating the applicant has passed all sections of the GED to receive a GED diploma. Because GED scores do not translate into GPA equivalencies, applicants are not eligible for academic scholarships in their first year.


  • A student may appeal to be admitted on probation if his or her grade point average in high school or college work completed elsewhere is less than 2.0.
  • The written appeal should be directed through the Office of Admissions and Retention Services to the Academic Dean, at whose discretion students may be granted probationary admission. The appeal should include additional academic references, support letters, scores on standardized tests, an explanation of mitigating circumstances and a statement indicating the student’s motivation and commitment. The committee bases admission decisions on its judgment of a student’s potential for academic success. Students admitted on probation must achieve at least a 1.60 grade point average on a full time load of at least 12 semester hours to have their probationary status lifted. Those not successful in removing the probation during the first semester will be suspended for one semester. For further information about academic probation, see the catalog index and the student handbook.
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When you took the ACT, CLT, and/or SAT, you had the opportunity to request that your scores be sent automatically to colleges and universities that you were interested in. If you included Florida College in this list, we will receive your scores automatically. If you did not request that we receive your scores at the time of your tests, you will need to request that an official copy of your scores be sent to us directly from the testing agency.

Course Placement Guide


Florida College accepts college credit earned by examination, following the guidelines set by the Florida Articulation Coordinating Committee, for the Advanced Placement (AP) program, Cambridge AICE program, International Baccalaureate Program, and College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Up to 45 semester hours credit may be earned by examination. No examination credit can be assigned if credit by course work is previously or subsequently awarded, or if a course in that discipline or any part thereof has been begun in college classroom work.

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Please contact our Office of Admissions to learn more about the FC application process.