American Civilization

A Bachelor of Arts in American Civilization gives context to United States’ history, from its very beginnings all the way to today’s important current events. This degree is a specialization of history focusing on the classical context and current environment that make up the United States.

The American civilization curriculum includes a thorough analysis of Greek and Roman governmental structures, classical literature, and influential laws that impacted the foundation of the United States. Students will also have the ability to research and present in three seminar-style classes with fellow students, under the mentorship of professors. This degree is particularly useful to students anticipating a future in teaching American history, working in government, or pursuing a law degree.

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Florida College Requirements - American Civilization

Required Hours 120
Minor Required? no
Internship Required? no
Entrance Requirements
  • Complete at least 45 hours within the general education core, including
  • English and Literature Sequence (ENC Sequence)
  • Math Courses
  • SPC 1608 - Public Speaking
  • An interview or writing sample may be required
Sample Classes
  • AMH 3130 Revolutionary America, 1765-1789
  • AMH 3201 TR’s America, 1880-1912
  • AMH 3543 The Pacific War
  • AMS 4812 American Intellectual History: 1865-present

Careers After College

An American civilization degree from Florida College opens doors to several career paths, including: