Educational Studies

Students who have a passion for education, or an interest in biology, history, or math may consider a Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies. This program gives students the opportunity to dig deeper into their chosen subject area, blending specialized education courses with internships to deepen their understanding of biology or history.

We offer this training through a biblical worldview, providing students with a unique experience that equips them with the foundational knowledge of education, teaching skills, and authentic classroom experiences. Graduates are prepared to teach effectively in their area of expertise.

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Choose a Specialization

Students have the option to specialize in biology, history, or reading by selecting classes within the curriculum that will prepare them for a career in a specific area of teaching.

Florida College Requirements - Educational Studies

Required Hours Biology: 121 Hours
History: 135 Hours
Reading: 121 Hours
Minor Required? no
Internship Required? yes
Entrance Requirements
  • The following requirements must be met prior to admittance, typically before Fall semester of Junior year
  • 2.25 GPA or higher
  • Application Form
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Personal Reference
  • Educational Reference
  • Transcripts of any other college work
Sample Classes
  • EDF 3251 Classroom Management
  • EDF 3430 Testing and Measurement in Education
  • EEX 3050 Survey of Special Education
  • EDF 3122 Learning & the Developing Child

Careers After College

An educational studies degree from Florida College opens doors to several career paths, including: