Students who pursue a Bachelor of Science in Marketing will be equipped to help businesses build relationships with their audiences. In-depth studies of practical applications of marketing strategy, consumer behavior, technology, and market research are all included in Florida College’s marketing curriculum. The challenging course load coupled with internship experience leaves our students beyond prepared for a job in the marketing field.

Consider making marketing your career by connecting with people and telling stories through a product or service. As a marketing student, you will leave feeling empowered to promote your own values wherever you end up in the business world.

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Florida College Requirements - Marketing

Required Hours 121
Minor Required? no
Internship Required? yes
Entrance Requirements
  • Admission to Florida College in good academic standing.
  • Grade of “C” or better in GEB 1011, MAC 1105 or higher, and STA 2023
  • Written application submitted to the Chair of the Business Department
  • An interview with the Department Chair
  • Assigned to a Business Program Academic Advisor
Sample Classes
  • MAR 4721 Digital Marketing
  • MAR 3323 Promotion Strategy
  • MAR 3503 Consumer Behavior
  • MAR 4613 Marketing Research

Careers After College

A marketing degree from Florida College opens doors to several career paths, including: