A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Florida College seeks to understand the fundamental questions of who we are as humans and why we do the things that we do by studying a variety of topics, such as personality, cognition, perception, learning, motivation, emotion. Students will apply them to diverse settings in health, business, education, counseling, and the community at large. At Florida College, each psychology course is embedded in a biblical worldview while also aiming at accurate, scientific knowledge.

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Florida College Requirements - Psychology

Required Hours 124
Minor Required? yes
Internship Required? no
Entrance Requirements
  • Completion of the General Education requirements at Florida College or the equivalent with a B average, including statistics, general psychology, and the language requirement
  • Junior level standing
  • Submission of written application to the department chair
  • An additional interview may be required
Sample Classes
  • PPE 4003 Personality Theories
  • EXP 4304 Motivation and Emotion
  • INP 4004 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • PSY 4832 Sport Psychology
  • SOP 4004 Social Psychology
  • CLP 4433 Psychological Tests and Measurements

Careers After College

A psychology degree from Florida College opens doors to several career paths, including: