Congratulations to the winners of the 2021-2022 Falcon Challenge

May 17, 2022

At the end of the 2021-2022 academic year, Florida College students participated in a one-day academic competition, Falcon Challenge, pitching their business ideas to business leaders “Shark Tank” style. The purpose of the competition was to give real-world opportunities and experiences designed to stimulate and reward innovative thinking and entrepreneurial persistence.

The teams competed for scholarship prizes by presenting their concepts to a panel of judges comprised of successful entrepreneurs. The panel included Matt Turner, co-founder and Managing Director of THH Holdings; Matt Richman, serial entrepreneur, founder of Billboards for Education and seven other marketing-related companies; Brent Bennett, owner of Stridepoint and Senior Director, R&D, Security Awareness & Training for Arctic Wolf; Chase Clark, co-founder of Home Encounter, founding member of Home River Group and founder of several internet endeavors.

The students pitched a number of creative business ideas including services, manufacturing, and internet services. “AirCut” launched their mobile haircut startup, “Orchard” touted their teacher resources platform, “VinylIt” customized vinyl records with your playlist, “Love A’ Life” provided a supportive, safe, and encouraging environment so people can connect and tell their story through self-reflection, “Gum” offered an alternative to brushing your teeth, “PipinHot” connected chefs and customers with a diverse ethnic array of meals ready to eat and “Playglass” manufactured a game table to connect families through classic gameplay.

The Falcon Challenge helped me grow as a business student by giving me the ability to see behind the scenes of how a business starts/operates. This process allowed me to expand my knowledge and abilities in public speaking, business writing, and the development of a practical business idea. It also helped me to formally analyze the logistics of how a business can successfully operate. I am very grateful for this experience and how it prepared me for the real-life business world.

-Kate Boatright,

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021-2022 Falcon Challenge, who were awarded scholarship prizes.

First Place Award – AirCut

DJ Doakes
Ethan Figgener
Rafael Monteiro
Zachary Smelser
Thomas Turner

Second Place Award – Orchard

Kathryn Appleget
Andrew Brownfield
Jacob Hampton
Joe Witherington

Third Place Award- Vinyllt

Kate Boatright
Devin Hornsby
Joshua Jones
Collin McMasters

At Florida College, we have a rich environment of great students who want to work hard and be successful in their spiritual and professional lives, to serve God and their fellow man. The students exceeded my expectations in their diligence and execution of their business models and pitches.

– Lee Quinn,
Business Professor and Creator of Falcon Challenge