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Dr. Andrew Stafford Awarded Tenure for Dedicated Service to Florida College

March 26, 2024 | 1-2 min read

Andrew Stafford, Ph.D., chair of the biology department at Florida College, has been awarded tenure following nearly six years as a dedicated faculty member.

Stafford joined FC as a professor in 2018, shortly after completing graduate school. In 2020 he assumed the position of department chair, and was instrumental in helping the college launch its biology degree program, complete with research lab, in 2022. He currently teaches Intro to Biology, Biomedical Ethics, Biochemistry, Microbiology and a Research Techniques class, and serves on the Department Chair and Strategic Plan Implementation Committees.

Stafford, who is now one of 27 tenured faculty members at FC, said he’s grateful to receive the appointment at an institution that recognizes the authority of God in family, academics and career, and looks forward to many years of continued service to FC.

“While my day-to-day responsibilities will remain the same, this opens doors for more committee opportunities, and to have a greater role in student and academic life,” he explained. “Tenure is a reflection of my commitment to the school as well as the school’s commitment to me. I’m grateful to receive that official recognition and mutual intention to commit to each other long term.”