FC and FCA Faculty and Staff Crush Six Week Wellness Challenge

May 26, 2023

One step at a time, Florida College and Florida College Academy faculty and staff made history this past spring. These literal steps totaled 40,373,402, reflecting an exciting achievement on campus. Sponsored by a generous donor, the Florida College Wellness Committee, led by Dr. Jessica Miles, executed its first-ever wellness campaign, Feel Like A Million. 

In deciding the campaign’s direction, Dr. Miles polled faculty and staff, discovering they wanted motivation to move physically and mentally. These results led her to execute the wellness challenge, Feel Like A Million.  

“I knew a wellness challenge would be something that could meet the needs of most, if not all of our members, and I felt like Feel Like A Million would fit the bill well for our group,” explained Dr. Miles.

Feel Like A Million is a six-week well-being program that focuses on increasing energy and boosting vitality through exercise and holistic, lifestyle changes. As part of the challenge, participants play a virtual board game, where they earn virtual cash for completing various health and wellness tasks, such as logging steps and workouts, clean eating, healthy amounts of sleep, outdoor activities, practicing judgment, and meaningful connections. The top three individuals with the most virtual cash earned by the end of the sixth week receive a prize and the title of “winner.” In addition to the winners, the Wellness Committee set a goal for each participant to earn $1 million in virtual cash, promising a reward to those who achieved it.

With the bar set and energy and excitement buzzing on both campuses, 127 Florida College and Florida College Academy faculty and staff members rose to the challenge and entered Feel Like A Million. Whether in teams with creative names or as individuals, participants banded together to hold each other accountable and propel each other along the gameboard. Positivity spread across campus through short walks, distraction-free connections, making healthy eating choices, and encouraging words. By the end of the six weeks, not only had physical activity increased, but the overall mental health and morale of participants improved too.

At the close of Feel Like A Million, much celebration took place. Not only were the winners named, but 109 of the 127 participants, 86%, hit the goal of earning $1 million in the virtual game. 40,373,402 steps were recorded, and seven individuals hit over $3 million in virtual cash. The campaign’s success was evident in the results and the flood of praise from faculty and staff, who enjoyed the competitiveness and the camaraderie on campus.

“I loved the accountability measure within the team and as a whole group. It motivated me to move,” said one participant.

Overjoyed by the participation and positive feedback, Dr. Miles reflects on the first wellness campaign.

“The synergy peopled me forward, as I know it did so many who participated,” said Dr. Miles. “I cannot tell you how many people stopped me or emailed me to let me know just how much they needed this challenge to get them going, both physically and mentally. I’m a little bit sentimental, but each success story brought tears to my eyes, as it confirmed that we were all on a journey to a better version of ourselves, not alone but together.”

The Florida College Wellness Committee will continue to provide more opportunities for health and wellness enrichment in the future.