Florida College Faculty Honored for Receiving Academic Tenure

April 4, 2023

A tenure ceremony is one of the most solemn occasions on Florida College’s campus because such decorum and solemnity are directly proportionate to the deepest respect, honor, and gratitude that we seek to show our faculty, the very heart and soul of this Christ-centered institution of higher learning. Our faculty are on the front line of the college’s mission, educating young men and women about God’s word and world in a way that equips them to serve Him and humanity. They seek to foster a transformative, higher purpose in the hearts of students through education and service. The awarding of tenure to a faculty member at Florida College represents the proven commitment of that faculty member to the mission and ideals of Florida College, as well as her mutual commitment to the faculty member.

Florida College’s tenure policy allows faculty members to apply for tenure in the sixth year of employment by submitting a portfolio providing examples of excellence in four key areas: effective teaching, academic and professional growth, sacrificial service, and collegiality. The Tenure and Promotion Committee and the Provost review the portfolio, and the Provost provides a recommendation to the president of the college. Based on his approval, the president grants tenure based on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Will Dilbeck’s work ethic and commitment to academic excellence make him one of the most prolific faculty in publishing scholarly articles and lecturing at professional conferences domestically and internationally. In addition to two Master’s degrees, he holds a doctorate in Judaism and Christianity in the Greco-Roman Period from Hebrew Union. Serving as one of our professors of biblical studies, he receives tenure for his dedicated work in the biblical studies department and extensive research that received international recognition.

Professor Jonathan Barlar, professor of education, distinguished himself as an award-winning teacher and administrator in the Hillsborough County Public School system for sixteen years before beginning his career at Florida College. As a professor of education at Florida College, Barlar’s course evaluations by students consistently rank among the highest.  As the Associate Dean for Faculty Development, he serves as the Center for Teaching and Learning Director, training all faculty in becoming better educators.

Florida College honors Dr. Will Dilbeck and Professor Jonathan Barlar, who have been awarded tenure, and recognizes them for their sacrificial commitment to teaching and furthering academic excellence in the student body. Both men are fully devoted to the Lord and unswervingly committed to Florida College and her students, upholding  their respective academic disciplines harmoniously with the college’s ideals. Congratulations to Dr. Will Dilbeck and Professor Jonathan Barlar for this achievement and their unwavering dedication to Florida College.