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Releasing the New Florida College Podcast, Downstream

January 18, 2023

A first listen to “Downstream From Florida College”

Hosted by Florida College President, Dr. John Weaver, each episode will feature an expert in faith, family and the meaning of life with the intention of supporting Christian families who are getting ready to launch children into the next phase of life, of independence and college.

“Downstream From Florida College” will focus on cultural hot topics, explore truths and share wisdom tailored to young people and their families. The podcast will provide direction, answers and reassurance in a sea of cultural noise.

New podcasts will be released on the second Wednesday of every month.

Listen to the first podcast with Florida College camp directors Tim Earnhart and Phil Robertson, “What every camp director wants you to know about teenagers.” They break down cultural trends among young people and what they have learned about the next generation from their unique role.