TECO Provides Florida College Students with Internship Opportunities

March 16, 2023

Did you know that students who complete an internship during college are 35% more likely to receive at least one job offer post-graduation than students who do not complete one? Internships provide students with invaluable opportunities to explore their career fields of interest and obtain tangible workplace experience, resume-building distinguishers, and networking connections.


The Florida College business department seeks to help students find internships and network with local organizations through career fairs and hosting guest speakers on campus. Because of these efforts, three of our students are interning at Tampa Electric Company, TECO, this semester.


TECO delivers energy to the Tampa community through electric, gas, and utility energy services. The company values integrity and unity and prioritizes providing students opportunities to grow in their career fields, making it a desirable choice for connection. Our students networked with Richard Latta, Utility Controller at TECO, after he spoke in their organizational leadership class in the fall. Through this connection and their initiative to apply, James Cook, Jordan Hurt, and Gabe Sasser received internship offers from TECO for the spring semester in the finance, accounting, and customer experience departments. Latta says the following about our students, “In my world of business, I’m constantly looking for smart, accountable, and high-standard individuals that will assist my organization in achieving our financial objectives the right way. When I turn to a Christian, who bears the name of Christ, I know these fundamentals are in their DNA.” We are proud of these Florida College  students for their strong work ethic and moral character and their impact in the workplace.

James Cook

Senior, Business Administration


James works with a senior analyst on the business planning team to budget and forecast for the customer experience department. Working closely with the finance and accounting departments, he ensures all executives have accurate information to make informed decisions for the future of the customer experience department and the company as a whole.


“This internship has given me invaluable corporate level experience in demonstrating how an efficient and effective business should be run. I’ve learned patience, perseverance, and time management, as I meet monthly deadlines and prioritize tasks. I’m grateful for this learning experience at such a quality company like TECO.”

Jordan Hurt

Senior, Business Administration


As part of her exploration of careers in the finance industry, Jordan is part of the business planning co-op, working under the finance department with shared services and IT. She analyzes financials and presents monthly reports to the team.


“Analyzing financials and reports constantly pushes me to think outside the box. I really enjoy the challenge business planning presents, especially in an environment like TECO’s where the culture and people are so fun to be part of.”

Gabe Sasser

Senior, Finance


Gabe is gaining lots of experience for his future career in finance, as he works under the accounting department at TECO. He splits his responsibilities between the tax and plant divisions of the department, learning all the details of accounting practices.


“I think one of the biggest things my internship is teaching me is how to operate in a workplace environment and the necessary skills I need to bring into it. My communication and time management skills are being utilized every day, and I hope to learn as much as I can here before going into my career.”