The Sewell and Caneta Hall Scholarship Fund

Florida College is proud to introduce the Sewell and Caneta Hall Scholarship Fund, a wonderful way to honor the Halls’ significant contributions to our community. This endowed scholarship fund aims to provide students, especially those from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds, with the opportunity to pursue higher education and make a meaningful impact in their communities.

Sewell Hall is a renowned preacher, known for his passionate preaching style and deep knowledge of the Bible. His ministry has focused on sharing the gospel with others and helping individuals grow in their faith. Caneta, his wife, was also involved in the ministry, supporting her husband’s work and nurturing women to grow in their faithfulness to the Lord. Together, the Halls’ unwavering faith, commitment to service, and dedication to empowering others through education have left an indelible mark on the lives of many students.

To honor the Halls, generous anonymous donors have agreed to match all gifts during the Week of Giving (May 8-12) up to $1 million into the Hall Scholarship Fund, which will begin benefitting students this coming school year. Gifts that are matched during Week of Giving may be made into any scholarship fund, including the Hall scholarship.

The Halls began their work together by teaching at a Christian school in the 1950s, where they made an impact by ensuring that no applicant was denied for a lack of funds. Their lives serve as an inspiration to others, and now their shared legacy will continue through the Hall Scholarship Fund.

We invite you to join us in empowering students like first-generation student Jariel Trinidad through education. Your support during the Week of Giving can change the narrative for first-generation college students and students of diverse backgrounds who need benefactors like you.

To give to the Hall Scholarship Fund, click here.