Three Florida College Professors Honored for Receiving Tenure and Doctorate

January 28, 2022

Dr. Brian Gilliam

Dr. Gilliam received tenure in 2021 and recently received his Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of South Florida. According to Dr. Gilliam, earning a doctorate “has enhanced the visibility of Florida College to the business and higher education community” and has helped him become a better “teacher, scholar, and resource at Florida College, as I strive to continually improve my service to students, colleagues, and the mission.”

Dr. Minghui Liu

Dr. Liu received tenure in 2021 and recently earned his Doctorate in Mathematics from the National University of Singapore. Dr. Liu anticipates using this degree to serve his students on campus. “With my doctorate knowledge and experience, I plan to offer more higher-level courses in Mathematics at Florida College, “says Dr. Liu. “When I know more about the big picture of Mathematics, it helps me to teach lower-level mathematics.”

Dr. Minerva Holk

Dr. Holk recently received tenure and the title of Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Nursing Education from the University of Washington. Her specific area of study was curriculum development in baccalaureate nursing programs. She is already putting her degree to use on campus, and she works to “establish the Nursing program along with the assistance of the Nursing faculty and many others at Florida College.” Her goal as an educator is to “prepare the nursing students to be caring, competent, faithful practitioners of nursing.”

The FC faculty is at the heart of our mission to educate students for service to God and neighbor.

-John Weaver,
Academic Dean