Loyalty to a Florida College society bonds the upper and lower classmen together. You can anticipate intramural sports, weekly devotionals, and service-oriented projects among the college’s six societies.

The Society Cup

The Society Cup is the coveted trophy that all societies compete for throughout the school year. The society that is awarded the most overall points from three categories takes claim to the trophy, presented by the Dean of Students in chapel at the end of the year.

Categories of Competition

Weekly Meeting Attendance

Average GPA of the Society

Time Spent in Service

Where Will Your Loyalty Lie?

Arete, est. 1950

Under the red pepper mascot, Arete is on fire to serve their fellow students. Just like their name, Arete is “excellent” at incorporating members from different backgrounds, personalities, and interests to work together as a team.

This society has a long history of faculty representation, especially in the Biblical department, like Dr. Nathan Ward (1997-1999), Dr. Jason Longstreth (1972), and Dr. Jared Saltz (2006-2007).

Fun Fact: In the 1980s, Arete rallied together under the slogan “Roll River Rats!”

Kappa Omicron, est. 1950

Roooooolllll KO! This is an electric group that brings passion to every sport and service experience, with family-style fun. KO’s long establishment has created generations of family members who are also fiercely loyal to their society.

Various faculty members are affiliated with Kappa Omicron, including Professor Shane Scott (1988), former KO President Austin Parimore (2011), Virginia Maness (2013), and longtime sponsor Dr. Brian Crispell.

Fun Fact: KO has chosen several mascots throughout the years, including the Green Machine, the Incredible Hulk, and KO Kermie, after America’s favorite frog.

Omega Chi, est. 1961

Omega Opossums are one of the most involved groups on campus. From weekly meetings to frequent worship opportunities, Omega focuses on growing the ideal individual in an encouraging group setting.

Past treasurers Mrs. Karen Witherington (1980) and Dr. Jonathan Chilcote (2002) know how to deal out grades and society spirit.

Fun Fact: Omega is currently a five-peat champion of the Society Cup!

Phi Sigma Chi, est. 1950

Welcome to the Phamily. Phi Sigma Chi works on building a home away from home through their positive spirit on and off the field.

Phi Sig alumni are found across our campus, including the Chatlos Library (Mrs. Brooke Ward 1997-1999), Conn Gymnasium (Treasurer Jessica Parimore 2013), and even formerly in the Administration Building (former Vice President Dan Petty 1971).

Fun fact: in a previous life, Phi Pigs were known by their less adorable name, the Phi Sig Swine (1979).

Psi Beta Gamma, est. 2001

Psi Beta, so insane, all aboard the Gamma train! For the last 20 years, society members worked to create a tight knit community under their orange and blue banner.

Former Psi Beta President Malachi Darling (2016) continues the society’s legacy of positivity in the Chatlos Library. Psi or Die!

Fun Fact: The Psi Beta Trident isn’t just a logo. The real five foot tall harpoon is passed down from president to president each year.

Zeta Phi Epsilon, est. 2001

Zeta has been chillin’ since 2001 under the slogan, “Fear the Panda.” Zetans compete with the best of societies on the field, while keeping a calm attitude. Choosing Zeta is as obvious as black and white.

Director of Admissions, Clay Soto, was a loyal society member. He worked as Zeta’s treasurer in 2012, and president in 2013.

Fun Fact: Zeta is the first society to create community involvement through local Temple Terrace business sponsorship, starting with Chick-fil-A.