Students can apply for scholarships based on academic merit, extracurricular activities, and leadership involvement. Florida College offers many scholarship opportunities to students. Check below to find our scholarships and our recommendations for outside scholarships.


Academic scholarships are determined by your GPA and ACT/SAT test scores. Each scholarship recipient must meet all academic admission requirements. All scholarships are forfeited if the student is placed on academic or disciplinary probation.

Name GPA Criteria Annual Award Amount*
President’s Merit Scholars National Merit Finalist or Semi-Finalist Full Tuition
President’s Scholars 3.65 ACT 32+ or SAT 1420+ or CLT–97+ Determined By Scholarship Committee
Dean’s Scholars 3.55 ACT 30+ or SAT 1360-1410 or CLT 92–96 $2,800
Florida College Scholars 3.40 ACT 27–29 or SAT 1260-1350 or CLT 84–91 $2,000
Achievement Scholars 3.00 ACT 23–26 or SAT 1130–1250 or CLT 74–83 $1,400


  • SAT represents the total Evidence-based Reading and Writing score and the Math Section score combined. ACT represents the composite score of all main sections of the exam. Florida College does not use the essay portion of the SAT or ACT for scholarship eligibility.
  • If a high school student has earned 24+ credit hours of college dual-enrollment transfer credit with the accompanying GPA, the student may be eligible for scholarship as a “transfer student.” Determination will be made by the Admissions Department.
  • If a student has graduated from high school and has no college credit, the academic scholarship will be based upon high school academic work and test scores.
  • SAT 1 represents the SAT taken prior to March 2016. SAT 2 represents the redesigned SAT offered beginning March 2016.


Transfer Student Scholarship Transfer Student GPA Criteria Annual Award Amount*
Dean’s Scholars 3.55 GPA Minimum of 30 college credit hours $2,800
Florida College Scholars 3.40 GPA Minimum of 24 college credit hours $2,000
Achievement Scholars 3.00 GPA Minimum of 24 college credit hours $1,400
  • Transfer Students:
    • A part-time college student may be eligible for an academic scholarship if their transfer credit spans more than two semesters but is equal to 12+ hours with appropriate GPA.
    • College credit hours must be from actual college course work. Credit from AP/CLEP/IB does not count toward hours for academic scholarship.
  • Returning Students:
    • Returning students who were awarded an academic scholarship are required to complete a minimum number of credit hours between the fall and spring semesters with a qualifying cumulative GPA to maintain eligibility for their existing academic scholarships.
  • *Each scholarship is divided between two semesters equally. Each scholarship recipient must meet all academic admission
    requirements. All scholarships are forfeited if the student is placed on academic or disciplinary probation.


Depending on your talents and/or major, you may qualify for a departmental scholarship.

Other Florida College Scholarships


These are scholarships established by generous donors for students to study at Florida College. Fill out the Endowed Scholarship application to be considered.



Interested in playing a sport at the collegiate level? Visit our athletic website to be recruited by one of our teams.



The Phi Theta Kappa Upper Division Scholarship provides $1000 per semester for juniors and seniors working towards a B.A. or B.S. degree at Florida College. There are specific requirements to be eligible.

You must have been a member of Phi Theta Kappa during your sophomore year. You must be a junior or senior working towards a B.A. or B.S. degree. You must maintain a minimum cumulative 3.4 grade point average. Seniors who have received this scholarship in their junior year must re-apply before they can receive it again their senior year.



The Adopt Program is about people helping people. The program matches deserving students with donors who are interested in helping students attend Florida College. The students selected are informed of their “adoption” and keep the donor informed of their progress during the year.

View Requirements, Deadlines, and More

The Hall Scholarship Fund

The Sewell and Caneta Hall Scholarship fund is a scholarship designed to bring under-represented students to Florida College. Students must meet the criteria below in order to qualify for this scholarship:

  • Demonstrate financial need by completing the FAFSA (opens January 2024).
  • May not enter Florida College on academic probation or be on academic or disciplinary probation at Florida College.
  • Be of an under-represented, minority background or a first-generation student. 
  • Complete an application to receive scholarship funds.
  • Receive admission to Florida College by July 15.  
  • Have a high school GPA of 2.25 or a transfer GPA of 2.0 

The application deadline for this scholarship is July 15.

For students to be considered for this scholarship, they must be admitted to Florida College by July 15. If you have not yet applied, please click here 

To maintain scholarship upon selection:

  • Recipients may not be on academic or disciplinary probation.  
  • Recipients who are new to Florida College must complete all required Academic Advising Sessions and receive a grade of Satisfactory for the Falcon Flight Path.  
  • Recipients must write a letter of thanks at the end of each year to the donors. 

To learn more about the Hall Scholarship fund, click here.

Applications open January 2024

Outside Scholarships

  • Outside scholarships come from private sources. For example, a scholarship from your local rotary club would be an outside scholarship. You may choose to use the internet to search for outside scholarships. Keep in mind that smaller scholarships and those that require essays tend to have fewer applicants, which may increase your chances of being awarded one of these scholarships.
  • Consult your high school guidance counselor regarding possible scholarships that you may qualify for. Your local community may be the most beneficial place to search for outside scholarships. Local community and civic organizations (like American Legion, Boys & Girls Clubs, 4-H Clubs, etc.) may offer scholarships. Also, talk with your employer and your parents’ employers to see what scholarship opportunities they may have.
  • Check general scholarships early. Research general scholarships as early as your freshman year in high school​. There is a lot of money out there; you just have to find it. You may be eligible for scholarships close to home or those based on race, nationality, or special skills. Look into these opportunities at the local library and online, and talk with your high school guidance counselor.

If you have any questions regarding applying or eligibility for government grants, please contact our financial aid office.