We understand that when it comes to choosing Florida College, cost is a factor. Below you will find the tools and information you need to get the full picture of your financial investment at FC.

Cost & Fees Breakdown

Standard Cost for the 24-25 School Year

Product Semester Cost
Tuition (12-16 hours) $9,587.50
Room (average) $3,187.50
Meal Plan (required, subject to sales tax) $2,240.00
Activity, Technology, and Security Fees $592.50
Resident Student Total $15,497.50

Specific Costs and Fees

Product Semester Cost
Activity and Technology Fee – Non-Resident (non-refundable) $400.00
Activity and Technology Fee – Non-Resident, 6-11 hours (non-refundable) $200.00
Activity and Technology Fee – Resident (non-refundable) $475.00
Security Fee (non-refundable) $220.00
Yearbook purchase price for full-time students $100.00
Yearbook purchase price for one-semester students $50.00
Application Fee (non-refundable) $50.00
Meal Plan rate – 20 meals/week $2,175.00
Meal Plan rate – 15 meals/week $2,000.00
Meal Plan rate – Block 125 $1,150.00
Meal Plan rate – Block 25 $240.00

Course and Program Fees

Product Semester Cost
Art $100.00
Business (Strategic Management) $55.00
Computer Laboratories (per hour) $100.00
Music – Intro to Music Technology Fee $50.00
Music – Chorus (Tux/Dress) Market Bid Price
Music – Private lessons (one credit) $200.00
Music – Private lessons (two credits) $400.00
Music – Piano Class $200.00
Music – Voice Class $200.00
Physical Education – Aerobics and weightlifting $125.00
Physical Education – HLP 2081, Health and Fitness $50.00
Science Laboratories (biology, chemistry, physics) $150.00
Nursing $750.00
Kinesiology $750.00
Mass Media $750.00
Change of Course Fee $15.00

Examination Fees

Product Semester Cost
Standardized Test Fee $50.00
Graduation Fee (diploma, cap, gown) $150.00
Late Intent to Graduate form Fee (students must confirm intent by drop/add date) $50.00

Parking Permit

Product Semester Cost
Resident (non-refundable) $175.00
Commuter (non-refundable) $100.00

Room Rent (per semester)

Product Semester Cost
Boswell Hall, standard $3,125.00
Boswell Hall, midsize $3,400.00
Boswell Hall, large corner $3,500.00
College Hall $3,500.00
Hinely Hall $3,125.00
Hinely Hall Tower $3,400.00
Jennifer Hall, standard $3,125.00
Jennifer Hall, midsize $3,400.00
Private Room, all resident halls (when available) $2,000.00
Reporting late for Orientation $50.00
Returned checks $50.00
Housing Fee – resident $150.00
Transcript $15.00


Product Semester Cost
Average load (12-16 hours) $8,960.00
Under 12 hours per hour $746.00
Over 16 hours additional $518.00 per hour

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