A Bachelor of Science in Biology at Florida College is designed to educate students about life at various levels from the biosphere to molecular underpinnings of complex biological systems through relevant and rigorous academic and experiential learning opportunities. Students will experience comprehensive life sciences education grounded in biblical principles, liberal arts education, rigorous practical relevance, and a viable path to career and advanced educational pursuits in biology.

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Florida College Requirements - Biology

Required Hours 122
Minor Required? no
Internship Required? no
Entrance Requirements
  • Submission of written notification to the Math and Science Department Chair.
  • An interview with the Math and Science Department Chair may be required.
  • Selection and assignment of a Biology program academic advisor.
Sample Classes
  • PCB 3034 Ecology (4)
  • PCB 3063 Genetics (3)
  • PCB 4843 Neurophysiology (3)
  • MCB 4503 Virology (3)
  • PCB 3023 Cell Biology (3)

Careers After College

A biology degree from Florida College opens doors to several career paths, including: