Math and Science Department

Florida College’s math and science department allows students to tailor a liberal studies degree to their future career path. For example, students preparing for a health professional program, such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, or veterinary, can choose a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies and customize an interdisciplinary program of study within that major. Students can study in any of our pre-professional health science courses that constitute an appropriate component in the student’s liberal studies degree.

Students entering programs that do not require as much advanced biology, such as chiropractic, or physical or occupational therapy may choose any major. The student should work with the department chair of the pre-health sciences track and the department chair of the major program as he or she selects courses.

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Experiential Learning

Health Science Club, FCHSA

The Florida College Health Science Club (FCHSA) provides students with opportunities and resources to explore the world of healthcare. Members meet for networking opportunities, informal meetings about medical topics, field trips, service projects, panel discussions and lectures led by health professionals. FCHSA may also work with the mathematics and science department to support special events. Membership is open to students in any field who are interested in health science.

Unstructured Authentic Research Laboratory Experience for Undergraduate

Students will participate in intensive, hands-on investigational research activities within the field of biological sciences. Students who participate will receive upper-division biology credit, however, any self-motivated student, who is eager to learn, and has a strong academic background is welcome to inquire about participation in the research.

Math and Science Faculty

Michael Burke

  • Chemistry Faculty

Todd Chandler

  • Biology Faculty
  • Title IX Coordinator

John Coffman

  • Physical Science Faculty

Minghui Liu, Ph.D.

  • Mathematics Faculty
  • I.T. Director of Analytics

Trenton Roth

  • Mathematics Faculty
  • Cross Country Coach
  • Track and Field Coach

Andrew Stafford, Ph.D.

  • Math and Science Faculty (Chair)

Dr. Scott Stetson

  • Mathematics Faculty