Thanks to versatile course work and a focus on building lifelong communication and critical thinking skills, a Bachelor of Arts in English will enhance your career and life’s work, whichever direction you go.

An English degree from Florida College can be applied to a variety of interests and academic pursuits. The study of literature offers insights into the cultures, historical contexts, and human motivations of the works you will study filtered through a biblical worldview. Graduates are fully equipped to enter the workforce as effective communicators with advanced critical thinking and analysis skills.

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Florida College Requirements - English

Required Hours 120
Minor Required? yes
Internship Required? no
Entrance Requirements
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 on English coursework
  • Minimum GPA of 2.25 overall
Sample Classes
  • ENL 3333 Shakespearean Drama
  • HUM 3330 Great Books Greek and Roman Classics
  • AML 4233 American Realism and Naturalism
  • COM 3160 Writing for the Communication Professional

Careers After College

An English degree from Florida College opens doors to several career paths, including: