English and Languages Department

Students in the English and languages department will explore and discuss writers and texts from a range of literary periods and genres, understand connections between works and their cultural and historical context, and improve research and expository skills. While studying at a Christian college, students will have a unique opportunity to study writers and their works with faculty who respect the biblical perspective and apply biblical principles to the analysis of those works.

Students will also learn fundamental techniques of literary analysis which will improve their own understanding of biblical texts. The English and languages department helps students develop the critical thinking skills and values needed for careers in public relations, education, business, publishing, editing, law and other graduate studies.

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Experiential Learning

Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta is the English honor society for four-year colleges and universities. Its purpose is to recognize academic achievement in English studies, to foster literacy, and to promote the study of English language, literature, and writing among students.

Present to Professionals in Your Field

Members of Florida College’s Sigma Tau Delta will have an opportunity to travel to Sigma Tau Delta’s annual conference. This conference is not only an opportunity for networking, but also a place for our students to enhance their skills by presenting research and leading round-table discussions at the conference.

I love the atmospheres my English professors provide in and out of class. Not only do they clearly care about their students in the English program, but they also encourage interaction outside of class.

-Lauren Strouss , Senior at Florida College

Bachelor of Arts in English, 2024

English and Languages Faculty

Beth Behle

  • English and Languages Faculty

Julie Gant

  • English and Languages Faculty

Ray Madrigal, Ph.D.

  • Director of TESOL
  • Director of the AGORA
  • Education Faculty
  • Biblical Studies Faculty
  • Modern Languages Faculty

Alison Scarlett

  • English and Languages Faculty

Karen Witherington

  • English and Languages Faculty (Chair)