Liberal Studies

A bachelor’s degree in liberal studies provides a broad-based, comprehensive learning experience that can be tailored to each students’ interests. The coursework combines components from different areas of study into a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, all centered around a biblical point of view.

The BA option includes Bible and foreign language classes, while the BS degree focuses on science courses, preparing students for a pre-professional health major. Ultimately, liberal studies is the ideal path for students looking for a degree that will prepare them for a variety of career paths in the future.

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Students can select classes within the bachelor’s degree in liberal studies curriculum to prepare for a career in pre-law, pre-med, or pre-professional health sciences.

Florida College Requirements - Liberal Studies

Required Hours 120 hours - Courses taken under the pass-fail option will not apply toward the total
Minor Required? no
Internship Required? no
Entrance Requirements
  • Completed an Associates in Arts (AA) degree at Florida College or its equivalent elsewhere. To be considered “equivalent” to the AA, a transfer student’s work must include at least 60 semester hours, excluding Physical Education activities, and must include courses that satisfy the 36-hour General Education Core at Florida College.
  • The ETS Proficiency Profile Exam normally required for an AA degree at Florida College will not be required of the student who has earned an AA degree or its equivalent elsewhere before being admitted into the Florida College Liberal Studies program.
Sample Classes
  • EDF 3122 Learning and the Developing Child
  • MAN 3802 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • SPC 3513 Argumentation and Debate
  • BSC 3933 Special Topics in Biology: Neurophysiology
  • ASH 3230 History of the Middle East
  • HUM 3224 Great Books—Classical Through Renaissance
  • MGF 3301 Bridge to Abstract Mathematics
  • BSC 3933 Special Topics in Biology: Exercise Physiology
  • REL 3460 Philosophy of Religion

Careers After College

A liberal studies degree from Florida College opens doors to several career paths, including: