Liberal Studies Department

The liberal studies department at Florida College is designed to advance students well beyond the general education requirements, preparing them for all areas of life, including family, church, and community, as well as for advancement in a variety of careers and academic programs. By emphasizing breadth of study rather than a single discipline, a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies encourages students to develop a broad understanding of a variety of disciplines while they cultivate the abilities to read perceptively, think critically, write precisely, and speak effectively. Students seeking liberal arts colleges in Florida for a degree in liberal studies will acquire a deeper understanding of the past, of contemporary life, and of the relationship between the natural and social orders, from both an academic and a biblical perspective.

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Experiential Learning

Thesis Writing

Liberal studies majors who choose the Great Books component and Honors Track will engage in research in order to present a thesis at the end of the program. They will have access to our state-of-the-art library which houses a vast number of research databases.

I learned to think critically about how to handle the world’s ideologies and how to live as a child of God no matter where I am. There are numerous occasions where conversations about Critical Race Theory, Transgenderism, and others are promoted by the company I work for as truths. I am able to instill courage and communicate with people by using God's principles taught and lived by the faculty.

-John Jennings , Software Engineering Senior Analyst

Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies, 2016

Liberal Studies Faculty

Doy Moyer, Ph.D.

  • Liberal Studies Faculty (Chair)
  • Biblical Studies Faculty

Shane Scott

  • Biblical Studies Faculty