New Testament

A Bachelor of Arts in New Testament equips students to pursue any number of career opportunities–from teaching scripture with a greater emphasis on the Greek language to deepening your personal understanding of God’s Word. This degree includes a comprehensive study of the New Testament within its historical and cultural context, along with two years of study in biblical Greek—the language of the original text.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this intensive study of the New Testament, learning from passionate Christians who prioritize first-century biblical principles and respect the autonomy and independence of the local church.

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Florida College Requirements - New Testament

Required Hours 120
Minor Required? no
Internship Required? no
Entrance Requirements
  • Students are eligible for admission to the Biblical Studies bachelor’s degree program at any time after being enrolled at Florida College.
  • Students must declare their major with the Academic Advising Center, their advisor, or the department chairman.
Sample Classes
  • REL 4247 Critical Introduction to the NT (3 hours)
  • REL 3258 NT Epistles: James, Peter, Jude (2 hours)
  • REL 3265 Gospel of Matthew (3 hours)
  • REL 4259 Book of Revelation (3 hours)
  • REL 4900 Independent Directed Study in Biblical Literature (1-3 hours)

Careers After College

A New Testament studies degree from Florida College opens doors to a career in ministry, including: