Biblical Studies Department

The biblical studies department provides academic training through an intensive examination of the biblical text, its original languages, and its historical and social background.

Florida College’s biblical studies degrees blend the academic study of the Bible with an emphasis on seeing and understanding the biblical message as a whole. Our degree programs offer students intensive examination of biblical texts, languages and history, systems of religious thought, and the history of religious movements.

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Experiential Learning

Internships for Biblical Education Students

All students studying to complete a bachelor’s degree in biblical education will receive hands-on experience in an internship before graduation. You will put the skills you have learned into practice, pushing you forward along your desired career path.

God calls people to serve Him from their hearts, with their blessings, abundant or scarce. Since Thrivent is a NFP membership organization focused on helping believers live purposefully with all God has entrusted them, my degree in Biblical Studies and background in ministry helps me connect God’s prescriptions to people desiring to live out His Will with their earthly assets.

-Bobby Blackburn , Financial Advisor at Thrivent

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, 1999

Biblical Studies Faculty

Luke Chandler

  • Biblical Studies Faculty

Will Dilbeck, Ph.D.

  • Biblical Studies Faculty
  • Biblical Languages Faculty

Tom Hamilton, D.Min.

  • Provost & Vice President of Academics
  • Biblical Studies Faculty

Jason Longstreth, D.Min.

  • Biblical Studies Faculty (Chair)
  • Co-Chair of Faculty Senate

Ray Madrigal, Ph.D.

  • Director of TESOL
  • Director of the AGORA
  • Education Faculty
  • Biblical Studies Faculty
  • Modern Languages Faculty

David McClister, Ph.D.

  • Biblical Studies Faculty
  • Biblical Languages Faculty

Doy Moyer, Ph.D.

  • Liberal Studies Faculty (Chair)
  • Biblical Studies Faculty

Shane Scott

  • Biblical Studies Faculty

Nathan Ward, D.Min.

  • Biblical Studies Faculty

John Weaver, Ph.D.

  • President of Florida College
  • Biblical Studies Faculty