Business Students Set School Record in Global Competition

May 1, 2023

Business majors at Florida College were recently named among an elite group of finalists in a global business competition featuring 31,000 students. All five FC teams – 17 students total – were among the top 100 teams in a nine-week international program called GLO-BUS. In GLO-BUS, students run companies in a neck-and-neck race for global market leadership in two product categories: wearable video cameras and sophisticated camera-equipped copter drones. Students form a company and run it through five international markets for nine weeks, with each week representing a year of business operation. Each week, teams make decisions for the year.

“What these students have accomplished is unprecedented in the 13 years we’ve been competing in this Strategic Management Global Competition in the capstone business course. It’s not unusual to break the top 100 for a week or two, but we’ve never had all the teams break 100 for more than one category,” said Brian Gilliam, Ph.D., Business Faculty Chair.

While all five teams topped 100, one team finished 14th, 17th and 27th in three categories.

“This team was an underdog story, as was the case for four of the teams, who all were trailing the leader until just the past couple of weeks,” Dr. Gilliam explained.

The competition tightened over the course of the semester, ending in a dramatic finish to a semester-long simulation in which every team found a path to competitive success.

“This is a truly impressive class of students. We should all be very pleased by what they have accomplished not just in this class, but as an indication of the many faculty, staff and administrators who have contributed to the learning environment in which they have all experienced at Florida College,” said Dr. Gilliam.

To wrap up the semester, teams presented reflections and insights learned in international business, finance, marketing, accounting and operations management.

The five teams include Emma Allen, Shelby Roth and Daniel Vela of Atlas Visuals; Jay Cook, Carson Crow, Gabriel Sasser and Logan Stockton of Bolt-Action Videography; Katelyn Barnard, Ramon Cao and Ethan Smith of C Cameras-N-Stuff; Alec Beauvais, Connor Boyd, Ethan Figgener and Seth Kemple of Drone Destiny X; and Aden Bassett, Jordan Hurt and Jonathan Ojjih of Electronics, Inc.

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