From Growth to Giving: Alum Nicole Grinnell’s Leadership Legacy

June 10, 2024 | 2-3 min read

Nicole Grinnell is revolutionizing the staffing industry as the President/CEO of Bosun Solutions, leveraging an innovative fractional approach to flexible business growth. A 2001 Florida College alum, her journey is a testament to her commitment to both family and professional success.

After marrying Florida College alumnus Nick Grinnell, she temporarily left her corporate career to stay home with her children Peyton and Hailey. It was during this time that Grinnell discovered a passion for remote work opportunities. While serving as an executive assistant during school hours, she recognized the increasing demand for remote virtual assistants. This insight inspired her to become a corporate matchmaker, seamlessly connecting employers with qualified and eager candidates from church and FC directories.

“The theory is that business owners should be scaling in a fractional way, but most need employees’ hours to fluctuate with demand,” she explained.

Since its inception in 2017, Bosun has catered to thousands of clients, deploying hundreds of contractors to fill roles traditionally reserved for full-time employees.

As Bosun Solutions expanded, Grinnell identified another common challenge faced by employers: effective promotion. In 2022, her success in pitching clients to podcast hosts gave birth to Mic’d Up, a podcast booking service that leverages digital presence and social media to enhance the digital footprint of business owners.

“Podcasts are an amazing way to get your story out as a business owner, and most hosts are eager to help by way of referrals and introductions. It also serves as a credibility source,” she said.

Driven by a profound commitment to giving back, Grinnell established Bosun Gives, allowing clients to donate five percent of a bill to either Florida College or Sacred Selections, a 501(c)3 organization assisting Christian families with adoption funding.

“This is a great way to give back on a payroll rather than out-of-pocket while maintaining an element of kingdom work,” Grinnell expressed. “Our clients understand that what they’ve been given is from God and for his purpose.”

Reflecting on her experience working with Christians, Grinnell highlighted the overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients, often commending the quality of Bosun Solutions contractors.

“As a Christian, I try to recruit people with the same values, and that’s really what accelerated our success and allowed us to jump the usual recruitment hurdles,” she noted. “Christians should be the most reliable, hardworking, and honest employees, which also makes for the best companies.”

Nicole Grinnell was featured on Florida College’s podcast, Downstream: “Exploring Flexible Career Solutions for Families with Nicole Grinnell.” At Bosun Solutions, 17 current employees are Florida College alums. Click here to learn about the many hybrid and virtual options that exist now for professionals looking to support their families outside of a cubicle setting.