Pursuing a Career of Success in Finance

February 1, 2023

With the rising demand for jobs in the industry, Florida College added a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance in 2022. This degree provides students with a robust education grounded in financial, business, marketing, and economic principles, preparing them for a successful career.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment in finance is projected to grow 7% from 2021 to 2031, with over 700,000 jobs. With the demand for more employees within the field, choosing a bachelor’s degree in finance could be a great choice for an undecided student.


Florida College finance professor and former Senior Vice President of Humana, Brent Densford, shares his insight about choosing a career in finance.


“Once considered a ‘back-office’ job, finance professionals in companies today have emerged as critical business partners involved in virtually every decision of the operation from predicting future opportunities, to budgeting and planning, and optimizing performance. I am excited for our Florida College students who choose to pursue our four-year finance degree as they will be well prepared to compete for impactful and meaningful jobs,” said Densford.


With a degree in finance, there are many opportunities for career success. Below are some of the top careers in finance according to Indeed.com.


Accountants manage the financial data of an organization and handle prepping financial statements, reviewing company accounts, and maintaining guidelines for financial reporting and of accounting.


Financial planners work with customers to set both short and long term financial goals and make investment and purchase decisions that help achieve these goals.


Human resource managers recruit and hire new employees for a company and manage the well-being of all current employees in regards to performance, procedures, and legal regulations.


Insurance advisors help customers find the best insurance products and advise purchases for personal, home, auto, and investment insurance.


Investment bankers handle portfolios for business and government agencies that invest in multiple businesses and choose opportunities to raise capital that align with the financial goals.


When choosing a career, it’s important to choose one that aligns with and uses your talents effectively. Developing and refining those skills prior to applying for a job will set you up for greater success in finding a job you will enjoy.


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