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Florida College, as a private, independent liberal arts college, provides a comprehensive college experience designed to develop students spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially; to integrate into the students’ lives the Bible as the revealed will of God; and to prepare students for lives of service to their Creator and to humanity.

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“Your Aim Will Always Be The Same…”

In 1946, Florida College opened its doors as “A Friend to Youth.” Men and women from local congregations volunteered to renovate the rundown country club and hotel into a Christian college. Since then, Florida College expanded its campus and degree programs to provide more opportunities, such as multiple bachelor’s degrees, for Christians to build their education in a faith-filled environment.

“…to give to God all praise…”


The unity that Chapel provides to all makes 10:15 a.m. an essential piece of the Florida College Experience.

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Every February, Florida College invites alumni and friends of the school to participate in the annual Lectureship.

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Sowers focuses on providing leadership opportunities for young men and encouraging the student body every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

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“…to train the body and the mind…”


Florida College societies have been a part of student life since 1950. Students choose to represent one of six societies throughout the year: Arete, KO, Omega Chi, Phi Sig, Psi Beta, and Zeta Phi.

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Midnight Madness

Each fall, we kick off the Men’s Basketball season with Midnight Madness, a late-night competition, and a celebration held in Conn Gymnasium. ​This memorable event features society competitions, a showcase from the Cheer Squad, and the team’s first official scrimmage of the season.


Florida College has always been a place of learning and education. Through the years, we have offered a Liberal Arts education in the context of a created world, starting as a two-year Associate in Arts program. We’ve now expanded our offering to 21 different four-year, bachelor’s degrees.

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“…and mans’ ideals to raise…”

Coin Ceremony

The Legacy Coin Ceremony honors members of the Florida College staff or faculty who had a significant impact on a graduating senior’s life during their college career. During the ceremony, each senior takes center stage to share how his or her honoree influenced his or her time at the college, and then gives a personalized coin to the recipient as a symbol of their relationship.

Spring Festival

Five women are nominated each year as part of Florida College’s Spring Court. Since April 1947, these women have been honored in a traditional ceremony involving a royal procession with an escort, special musical guests by the ladies’ requests, and a crowning of the Spring Queen. These women are again honored on the night of the Spring Banquet.


The Student Body Government Association’s signature event is the annual Spring Banquet. Every April, the SBGA officers organize a week of banquet-centric activities, such as Guy Be Nice To Girl Day and Girl Be Nice To Guy Day, leading up to the formal event. This event features a guest speaker and musical entertainment while enjoying dinner at a formal venue in the Tampa area.