Florida College has created a first-year experience initiative to help new students transition into our campus community. We want to ensure you feel ready to begin your college career with confidence. These initiatives are designed to assist you in reaching your ultimate goal of completing a bachelor’s degree–while making important relationships and growing in your faith along the way.

It’s Just the Beginning: Orientation

Future Falcon, no more! Welcome to YOUR journey as a Falcon at Florida College, one of the best Christian colleges in Florida. Orientation is a required introduction to the experience in which you will be immersed for the next four years.

We welcome you as you join us in our mission to educate the whole person in imitating Christ in service to God and the world. Here’s what you can expect at orientation:

Start your morning in praise with your classmates

Explore our state-of-the-art library and media lab

Take a tour of your new home away from home

Get involved with student organizations

Experience peer support services

Meet with mentors that will help with the transition into college

Kickstart your academic journey during one-on-one meetings with advisors

Setting You Up for Success

Foundations for a Biblical Worldview

The “Foundations for a Biblical Worldview,” class for incoming students will help ground you in your understanding of God, humanity, and morality. The course will provide depth in biblical teaching and practical applications as we better learn how to love and serve God and others. The foundations learned from this course will stretch across everything else you will do both on and off campus.

Common Reading

Each summer students, faculty, staff and administrators at Florida College have the opportunity to read and discuss a significant work, a “common reading,” that can foster meaningful discussions across the campus; it will be discussed formally in classes and in a public forum led by faculty members from various disciplines.

Honors Program

Sharpen your analytical thought and writing, deepen your knowledge, and develop oral presentation skills through our Honors Program. Through scholarship and internship opportunities, you will gain a greater ability to serve broader society.

Academic Advising

The Florida College Academic Advising Office provides academic assistance, help with career concerns, and personalized guidance to help students succeed at FC and beyond.

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Societies are one of the most defining parts of the FC Experience, helping students develop spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially. Members of FC’s six societies participate in intramural sports, service projects, and devotionals throughout the school year.

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Student Organizations

Student Organizations give students a way to channel their passions into a productive and encouraging outlet. Students participate in over 20 different service-oriented, academic, or artistic organizations. Find an organization that fits you.

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Rules and Expectations

Vehicle and Parking Requirements

All owners are required to register motor vehicles (automobiles, motorcycles, scooters, etc.) with the Dean of Students office. Students who obtain a vehicle during a semester must register it immediately.

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Campus Safety

While Florida College’s small size and Christian community provide a wholesome environment for our students, we also have a list of policies in place to keep our students safe.

Safety and Security Policies

What to Wear

For a full list of acceptable attire by occasion, please refer to the student handbook.

Code of Conduct

Florida College sets a high standard for students’ moral behavior. The code of conduct at Florida College, while man-made, is based on scriptural principles fundamental to individual growth and sound, collective interaction within a community of Christian scholars.