Florida College’s Unique Approach—Adding Christian Perspective to the Great Ideas in Literature

January 3, 2024 | 2-3 min read

Florida College continues to empower its students with invaluable skills through its Bachelor of Arts in English degree, emphasizing versatility, communication, and critical thinking. Graduates with this degree consistently enter the workforce equipped with a diverse skill set, representing a broad spectrum of interests and academic pursuits.

Karen Witherington, Chair of Florida College’s English and modern languages department, challenges the common misconception surrounding English majors, asserting that their job opportunities are virtually limitless.

“Contrary to popular belief, an English degree is not limited to teaching. Our graduates have ventured into various fields, demonstrating that the ability to think critically, write effectively, and analyze information is a universal asset,” she emphasized.

Students enrolled in the English and languages department undergo a unique journey that hones critical thinking skills essential for success in diverse industries such as public relations, education, business, publishing, editing, law, and graduate studies. The program fosters an environment where students explore and discuss writers and texts spanning different literary periods and genres, enabling them to understand the connections between works and their cultural and historical contexts. Moreover, students enhance their research and expository skills, preparing them for a dynamic and evolving professional landscape.

Witherington underscores the program’s unique perspective, highlighting the importance of a biblical worldview.

“Great literature provides insights into human nature, and through a biblical lens, our students gain a deeper understanding of the motivations behind these works,” she explained. “In contrast to many university English programs leaning towards modern liberal thinking, our approach is to address and discuss the great ideas in literature from a Christian perspective, adding substantial value to our students’ academic journey.”

English majors at Florida College also benefit from participating in Sigma Tau Delta, the English honor society for four-year colleges. In 2021, members of the Florida College chapter attended Sigma Tau Delta’s annual conference, where they engaged in networking opportunities and further honed their skills by presenting research and leading round-table discussions. On campus, the chapter is thriving, fostering a love for literature through events such as poetry slams and other student-led initiatives, providing valuable opportunities for connection beyond the classroom.

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