Beyond Numbers: Unveiling the Impact of Florida College’s Mathematics Education Degree

January 24, 2024 | 2-3 min read

Florida College’s commitment to providing a holistic education experience takes a significant stride with the introduction of the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education in 2022. This addition, offered through the education and physical education department, blends evidence-based teaching practices with a profound spiritual focus.

Chairing the education and physical education department, Suzanne Roberts articulates the degree’s evolution as a natural progression, given the pre-existing specialization in mathematics. Recognizing the substantial shortage of math teachers in schools, this degree strategically addresses the demand by producing graduates equipped and eager to contribute immediately. Accredited by the State of Florida, FC’s education department holds a distinguished reputation, acknowledged not only within the state but also recognized by other states that value Florida’s rigorous teacher credentialing standards.

The comprehensive curriculum of the mathematics education degree covers essential aspects, from Classroom Management and Curriculum Instruction to cutting-edge Educational Technology. With a keen focus on preparing graduates for teaching at the 6-12 level, the coursework is meticulously structured. Advanced classes such as Bridge to Abstract Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, and a range of Statistics and Calculus courses provide students with a robust foundation.

Integral to the degree are required internships at both middle and high school levels, ensuring students gain hands-on experience and discover their optimal teaching environment. The degree’s distinctive features, including a small cohort size and a biblical worldview centered on care, commitment, and character, distinguish it from others in the field. The education and physical education department also fosters a supportive community through initiatives like The APPLE Club, where students engage in volunteer activities and outreach programs.

Anticipating a surge in popularity, Suzanne Roberts emphasizes the degree’s appeal to students with a natural aptitude for mathematics. She highlights the expansive job market for educators and the degree’s unique advantage of offering a kid-friendly career. The alignment of a teacher’s schedule with family needs becomes a compelling selling point for individuals seeking a fulfilling career while balancing familial responsibilities. As the awareness of the Mathematics Education degree grows, Florida College stands poised to shape the future of educators with a distinct emphasis on academic excellence and spiritual values.

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