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Liberal Studies Redefined: Florida College’s Innovative Approach to Holistic Education

March 28, 2024 | 2-3 min read

The liberal studies department at Florida College is carefully designed to prepare students for a wide range of roles in their personal lives, communities, and careers, going beyond basic education requirements.

Both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies take a broad approach, teaching students about many different subjects. They focus on improving skills like reading carefully, thinking critically, writing clearly, and communicating effectively.

Reflecting on his experience, John Jennings, a 2016 liberal arts degree alumnus, remarked, “I learned to think critically about navigating the world’s ideologies and living as a child of God, regardless of my surroundings. Florida College’s faculty imparted principles that enabled me to instill courage and communicate effectively with others.”

Dr. Doy Moyer, Chair of the Liberal Studies Department, elaborates, “Liberal studies is a humanities-based degree that pulls together the greatest number of programs from different fields into one with a lot of flexibility. You can pretty much do anything with it.”

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies unveils opportunities across various sectors, while a Bachelor of Science degree predominantly focuses on mathematics and sciences, often serving as a launchpad for health-related professions or advanced studies.

Sloan Hastings (’18), a testament to the versatility of the liberal studies program, reflects, “My liberal studies degree honed the writing and reading comprehension skills pivotal for thriving in law school and my career as a transactional lawyer. The agility I gained from the program aids me in swiftly navigating novel legal issues and complex deals in my role at one of the nation’s top law firms.”

Moyer emphasizes the degree’s adaptability, stating, “With this degree, you aren’t confined to a singular job type. It’s a testament to critical thinking and problem-solving prowess, allowing students to amalgamate diverse interests into a cohesive degree.”

“There are certain classes parents may not want their kids taking in secular institutions, but they can take those classes here with confidence knowing they’re being taught from a biblical perspective,” said Moyer. “FC’s Liberal Studies program has a proven track record of students who’ve been successful in a variety of fields, because the Bible serves as our foundational underpinning in everything else we do.”

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